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"My pieces are an expression of my creativity, and are enhanced by ancestral know-how.
I want to honour our heritage, convey an emotion, arouse curiosity, appeal."

Salima Filali designs exceptional terracotta based zellige, decorations
handcrafted in Morocco. Her creations are a link between traditional arts and crafts and contemporary design.


Franco-Moroccan architect and designer Salima Filali, graduated in Geneva, Switzerland, began her career in a large architectural firm.


In parallel she initiated her first projects in Morocco, from conception to
complete design. This is where she discovered the know-how and the world of zellige.

Passionate about this craft, in 2020 she kicks off  her project in collaboration with moroccan workshops. At the same time, she won the Light Up call for applications from the WRP Foundation, supporting and promoting her project to create sets between Paris, Geneva and Fez.


Through her terracotta creations, Salima explores a aimed at a play on
shadows, lights and textures. Her boundless creations are an invitation to
travel, through the design of emotional landscapes.

Each piece is unique and enhanced  by the blending of cultures.

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