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Enhance your interior with a set of zellige

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Zellige collection

Artwork Collection

Object & furniture 

Salima Filali revisits traditional aesthetics ofthe zellige art through her exceptional creations.

Zellige is a terracotta mosaic in entirely handcrafted according to ancestral know-how.

Each piece is unique and enhanced by light.

An authentic and precious product, sublimated by Salima’s creations through

sophisticated and timeless decorations.


“I wish to invite this material on our walls like a graphic work.

Zellige as art and witness to know-how. ”


What is zellige?

The zellige is primarily a surface coating, of Moroccan origin. It consists of small tiles called tesserae, based on clay and assembled to form simple or patterned mosaics. In Arabic, "zelij" means "tile".

But this traditional Mediterranean ceramics, is much more than a simple tile. It is a noble material, where each piece is worked in a singular way. Handmade, the zellige brings a real human touch and an exceptional design through the assembly of these unique tiles.

Much more than a mosaic, the Moroccan earthenware knows a real boost of interest. Thanks to the unique vibes of these creations, Moroccan tiles offer a bewitching result.

An ancestral art

The zellige is manufactured by Moroccan master craftsmen, the maâlems. The ancestral manufacturing technique has remained unchanged since the 12th century. If each region has its particularities, related to the quality of clay, the city of Fez is its capital.


Each small tessera has an origin and a history. The geometric assembly of this earthenware has a connotation well beyond design. Each pattern has a name and together they create a true symbol that comes to life in your interior space.


The zellige has a very strong personality. This raw material is enriched and adorned with enamel to offer a timeless and unique design aesthetic. This raw material is enriched and adorned with enamel to create a timeless and unique design. This alchemy combined with the manual work of the craftsmen make it a unique form of expression.




A unique design creation

Through her creations, Salima Filali wanted to reinterpret this traditional culture, in order to preserve and perpetuate this ancestral know-how of Moroccan tiling, but also to bring it all the excellence and nobility that it exudes.


Much more than a wall covering, it is a true work of art that is born. By giving free rein to the material, it is the whole history of zellige that is offered to you, while creating contemporary compositions. The assembly of tiles can sublimate your interiors, whether a kitchen, a credenza, a bathroom or a decorative wall.


With parsimony and elegance, it is possible to combine zellige with noble or more contemporary materials, such as cement tile, waxed concrete, natural stone or terrazzo. This combination of shades opens an infinite field of exploration, for a unique interior design.


All our creations are unique, combining quality, design and impeccable finish. Each design is exclusive, bringing something subtle to the interior design.




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